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Collybistin activation by GTP−TC10 enhances
postsynaptic gephyrin clustering and hippocampal
GABAergic neurotransmission
Authors: Mayer, Simone; Kumar, Rohit; Jaiswal, Mamta; Soykan, Tolga; Ahmadian, Mohammad Reza; Brose, Nils; Betz, Heinrich; Rhee, Jeong−Seop; Papadopoulos, Theofilos
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-12-17
Title of Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA
Volume: 110
Issue / Number: 51
Start Page: 20795
End Page: 20800
Document Type: Article
ID: 681428.0
Full text / Content available
Femtosecond photoelectron diffraction on laser−aligned molecules: Towards
time−resolved imaging of molecular structure
Authors: Boll, Rebecca; Anielski, Denis; Bostedt, Christoph; Bozek, John D.; Christensen, Lauge; Coffee, Ryan N.; De, Shankar; Decleva, Piero; Epp, Sascha W.; Erk, Benjamin; Foucar, Lutz; Krasniqi, Faton; Küpper, Jochen; Rouzee, Arnaud; Rudek, Benedikt; Rudenko, Artem; Schorb, Sebastian; Stapelfeldt, Henrik; Stener, Mauro; Stern, Stephan; Techert, Simone; Trippel, Sebastian; Vrakking, Marc J. J.; Ullrich, Joachim; Rolles, Daniel
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-12-06
Title of Journal: Physical Review A
Volume: 88
Issue / Number: 6
Start Page: 1
End Page: 5
Sequence Number of Article: 061402e
Document Type: Article
ID: 681488.0
Hippocampal NMDA receptors are important for behavioural inhibition but not for encoding associative spatial memories
Authors: Taylor, Amy M.; Bus, Thorsten; Sprengel, Rolf; Seeburg, Peter H.; Rawlins, John Nicholas P.; Bannerman, David M.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-12-02
Title of Journal: Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London B
Volume: 369
Issue / Number: 1633
Start Page: 1
End Page: 9
Sequence Number of Article: 20130149
Document Type: Article
ID: 681437.0
Full text / Content available
Circuit mechanisms of GluA1−dependent spatial working memory
Authors: Freudenberg, Florian; Marx, Verena; Seeburg, Peter H.; Sprengel, Rolf; Celikel, Tansu
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-12-01
Title of Journal: Hippocampus
Volume: 23
Issue / Number: 12
Start Page: 1359
End Page: 1366
Document Type: Article
ID: 681452.0
Instruction of haematopoietic lineage
choices, evolution of transcriptional
landscapes and cancer stem cell hierarchies
derived from an AML1‐ETO mouse model
Authors: Cabezas−Wallscheid, Nina; Eichwald, Victoria; de Graaf, Jos; Löwer, Martin; Lehr, Hans−Anton; Kreft, Andreas; Eshkind, Leonid; Hildebrandt, Andreas; Abassi, Yasmin; Heck, Rosario; Dehof, Anna Katharina; Ohngemach, Svetlana; Sprengel, Rolf; Wörtge, Simone; Schmitt, Steffen; Lotz, Johannes; Meyer, Claudius; Kindler, Thomas; Zhang, Dong−Er; Kaina, Bernd; Castle, John C.; Trumpp, Andreas; Sahin, Ugur; Bockamp, Ernesto
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-12-01
Title of Journal: EMBO Molecular Medicine
Volume: 5
Issue / Number: 12
Start Page: 1804
End Page: 1820
Document Type: Article
ID: 681490.0
Full text / Content available
Staining and embedding the whole mouse brain for electron microscopy
Authors: Mikula, Shawn; Binding, Jonas; Denk, Winfried
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-12-01
Title of Journal: Nature Methods
Volume: 9
Issue / Number: 12
Start Page: 1198
End Page: 1201
Document Type: Article
ID: 681480.0
Cytochrome P450sky interacts directly with the nonribosomal peptide synthetase to generate three amino acid precursors in skyllamycin Biosynthesis
Authors: Uhlmann, Stefanie; Süssmuth, Roderich D.; Cryle, Max
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-11-15
Title of Journal: American Chemical Society Chemical Biology
Volume: 8
Issue / Number: 11
Start Page: 2586
End Page: 2596
Document Type: Article
ID: 681441.0
Full text / Content available
Proximity effects on the protein domain level: engineering prolyl isomerases through combinatorial biochemistry
Authors: Reinstein, Jochen
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-11-15
Title of Journal: Journal of Molecular Biology
Volume: 425
Issue / Number: 22
Start Page: 4065
End Page: 4066
Document Type: Article
ID: 681489.0
Toward unsupervised single−shot diffractive imaging of heterogeneous particles using X−ray free−electron lasers
Authors: Park, Hyung Joo; Loh, Ne−Te Duane; Sierra, Raymond G.; Hampton, Christina Y.; Starodub, Dmitri; Martin, Andrew V.; Barty, Anton; Aquila, Andrew; Schulz, Joachim; Steinbrener, Jan; Shoeman, Robert L.; Lomb, Lukas; Kassemeyer, Stephan; Bostedt, Christoph; Bozek, John; Epp, Sascha W.; Erk, Benjamin; Hartmann, Robert; Rolles, Daniel; Rudenko, Artem; Rudek, Benedikt; Foucar, Lutz; Kimmel, Nils; Weidenspointner, Georg; Hauser, Günter; Holl, Peter; Pedersoli, Emanuele; Liang, Mengning; Hunter, Mark S.; Gumprecht, Lars; Coppola, Nicola; Wunderer, Cornelia; Graafsma, Heinz; Maia, Filipe R. N. C.; Ekeberg, Tomas; Hantke, Max; Fleckenstein, Holger; Hirsemann, Helmut; Nass, Karol; Tobias, Herbert J.; Farquar, George R.; Benner, W. Henry; Hau−Riege, Stesan P.; Reich, Christian; Hartmann, Andreas; Soltau, Heike; Marchesini, Stefano; Bajt, Saša; Barthelmess, Miriam; Strüder, Lothar; Ullrich, Joachim; Bucksbaum, Phillip; Frank, Matthias; Schlichting, Ilme; Chapman, Henry N.; Bogan, Michael J.; Elser, Veit
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-11-14
Title of Journal: Optics Express
Volume: 21
Issue / Number: 23
Start Page: 28729
End Page: 28742
Document Type: Article
ID: 681431.0
The Role of Glucocorticoid Signalling
in the Development of the
Neurosecretory Preoptic Area in Zebrafish
Authors: Friedrich, Mona
Type of Thesis (e.g.Diploma): master
Date of Approval (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013-11-13
Name of University: Ruprecht−Karls−Universität Heidelberg
Place of University: Heidelberg
Document Type: Thesis
ID: 681439.0
Entries: 1-10  
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