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ID: 331403.1, MPI für Kernphysik / Neutrino Physics
Phenylxylylethane (PXE): A high-density, high-flash point organic liquid scintillator for low energy neutrino experiments
Authors:Back, H. O.; Balata, M.; Bellini, G.; Benziger, J.; Bonetti, S.; Caccianiga, B.; Calaprice, F.; D'Angelo, D.; de Bellefon, A.; de Kerret, H.; Derbin, A.; Etenko, A.; Ford, R.; Franco, D.; Galbiati, C.; Gazzana, A.; Giammarchi, M. G.; Goeger-Neff, M.; Goretti, A.; Grieb, C.; Ianni, A.; Ianni, A. M.; Korga, G.; Kozlov, Y.; Kryn, D.; Laubenstein, M.; Lombardi, P.; Manno, I.; Manuzio, D.; Manuzio, G.; Masetti, F.; McCarty, K.; Meroni, E.; Miramonti, L.; Monzani, M. E.; Niedermeier, L.; Oberauer, L.; Obolensky, M.; Ortica, F.; Pallavicini, M.; Papp, L.; Perasso, L.; Pocar, A.; Raghavan, R. S.; Ranucci, G.; Razeto, A.; Sabelnikov, A.; Salvo, C.; Schönert, S.; Shutt, T.; Simgen, H.; Skorokhvatov, M.; Smirnov, O.; Sonnenschein, A.; Sotnikov, A.; Sukhotin, A.; Tarasenkov, V.; Tartaglia, R.; Testera, G.; Vignaud, D.; Vogelaar, R. B.; von Feilitzsch, F.; Wojcik, M.; Zaimidoroga, O.; Zuzel, G.; de Bari, A.; Beau, T.; de Bellefon, A.; Buck, Ch.; Heusser, G.; Kiko, J.; Hampel, W.; Hartmann, F.; Freudiger, B.; Rau, W.; Brigatti, A.; Cadonati, L.; Cecchet, G.; Chen, M.; Di Credico, A.; Dadoun, O.; Deutsch, M.; Elisei, F.; Fernholz, R.; Gatti, F.; Giammarchi, M. G.; Giugni, D.; de Haas, E.; Hagner, C.; Harding, E.; Hertrich, T.; Hess, H.; Kirsten, T.; Korschinek, G.; Lendvai, C.; Loeser, F.; Lombardi, P.; Malvezzi, S.; Maneira, J.; Martemianov, A.; Mazzucato, U.; Musico, P.; Parmeggiano, S.; Resconi, E.; Scardaoni, R.; Schimizzi, D.; Schuhbeck, K. H.; Brigatti, A.
Corporate body:Borexino Collaboration
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD):2008-01-21
Title of Journal:Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A
Journal Abbrev.:NIM A
Issue / Number:1-2
Start Page:48
End Page:60
Review Status:not specified
Audience:Experts Only
Abstract / Description:We report on the study of a new liquid scintillator target for neutrino interactions in the framework of the research and development program of the Borexino solar neutrino experiment. The scintillator consists of 1,2-dimethyl-4-(1-phenylethyl)-benzene (phenyl-o- xylylethane, PXE) as solvent and 1,4-diphenylbenzene (para-Terphenyl, p-Tp) as primary and 1,4-bis(2- methylstyryl)benzene (bis-MSB) as secondary solute. The
density close to that of water and the high flash point makes it an attractive option for large scintillation detectors in general. The study focused on optical properties, radioactive trace impurities and novel
purification techniques of the scintillator.
Attenuation lengths of the scintillator mixture of 12 m
at 430 nm were achieved after purification with an
alumina column. A radiocarbon isotopic ratio of has been measured in the scintillator. Initial trace impurities, e.g.could be purified to levels below by silica gel solid column purification.
External Publication Status:published
Document Type:Article
Affiliations:MPI für Kernphysik/Group of M. Lindner
External Affiliations:aPhysics Department, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Robeson Hall, Blacksburg, VA 24061-0435, USA
bI.N.F.N Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso, SS 17 bis Km 18+910, I-67010 Assergi(AQ), Italy
cDipartimento di Fisica Nucleare e Teorica Università and I.N.F.N., Pavia, Via A. Bassi, 6 I-27100 Pavia, Italy
dAstroparticule et Cosmologie, 10, rue Alice Domon et Leonie Duquet, F-75025 Paris cedex 13, France
eDipartimento di Fisica Università and I.N.F.N., Milano, Via Celoria, 16 I-20133 Milano, Italy
fDepartment of Physics, Princeton University, Jadwin Hall, Washington Rd, Princeton, NJ 08544-0708, USA
hDepartment of Physics, Queen's University Stirling Hall, Kingston, Ont., Canada K7L 3N6
iTechnische Universität München, Physik Department E15, James Franck Straße, D-85747 Garching, Germany
jJoint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Russian Federation
kDepartment of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
lDipartimento di Chimica Università, Perugia, Via Elce di Sotto 8, I-06123 Perugia, Italy
mRRC Kurchatov Institute, Kurchatov Sq. 1, 123182 Moscow, Russian Federation
nDipartimento di Fisica Università and I.N.F.N., Genova, Via Dodecaneso, 33 I-16146 Genova, Italy
oKFKI-RMKI, Konkoly Thege ut 29-33, H-1121 Budapest, Hungary
pBell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, NJ 07974-2070, USA
qM. Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagellonian University, PL-30059 Krakow, Poland
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