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ID: 562703.0, MPI für Psychiatrie / Publikationen MPI für Psychiatrie
Genome-wide Association Study Identifies Genetic Variation in Neurocan as a Susceptibility Factor for Bipolar Disorder (vol 88, pg 372, 2011)
Authors:Cichon, S.; Muehleisen, T. W.; Degenhardt, F. A.; Mattheisen, M.; Miro, X.; Strohmaier, J.; Steffens, M.; Meesters, C.; Herms, S.; Weingarten, M.; Priebe, L.; Haenisch, B.; Alexander, M.; Vollmer, J.; Breuer, R.; Schmal, C.; Tessmann, P.; Moebus, S.; Wichmann, H. E.; Schreiber, S.; Müller-Myhsok, B.; Lucae, S.; Jamain, S.; Leboyer, M.; Bellivier, F.; Etain, B.; Henry, C.; Kahn, J. P.; Heath, S.; Hamshere, M.; O'Donovan, M. C.; Owen, M. J.; Craddock, N.; Schwarz, M.; Vedder, H.; Kammerer-Ciernioch, J.; Reif, A.; Sasse, J.; Bauer, M.; Hautzinger, M.; Wright, A.; Mitchell, P. B.; Schofield, P. R.; Montgomery, G. W.; Medland, S. E.; Gordon, S. D.; Martin, N. G.; Gustafsson, O.; Andreassen, O.; Djurovic, S.; Sigurdsson, E.; Steinberg, S.; Stefansson, H.; Stefansson, K.; Kapur-Pojskic, L.; Oruc, L.; Rivas, F.; Mayoral, F.; Chuchalin, A.; Babadjanova, G.; Tiganov, A. S.; Pantelejeva, G.; Abramova, L. I.; Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, M.; Diaconu, C. C.; Czerski, P. M.; Hauser, J.; Zimmer, A.; Lathrop, M.; Schulze, T. G.; Wienker, T. F.; Schumacher, J.; Maier, W.; Propping, P.; Rietschel, M.; Nöthen, M. M.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD):2011-03-11
Title of Journal:American Journal of Human Genetics
Journal Abbrev.:Am. J. Hum. Genet.
Issue / Number:3
Start Page:396
End Page:396
Review Status:not specified
Audience:Not Specified
External Publication Status:published
Document Type:Article
Version Comment:Automatic journal name synchronization
Communicated by:N. N.
Affiliations:MPI für Psychiatrie
External Affiliations:[Cichon, S] Res Ctr Juelich, Inst Neurosci & Med INM 1, D-52425 Julich,; Germany; [Cichon, S; Muehleisen, TW; Degenhardt, FA; Mattheisen, M; Herms, S;; Weingarten, M; Priebe, L; Haenisch, B; Alexander, M; Vollmer, J;; Tessmann, P; Nothen, MM] Univ Bonn, Life & Brain Ctr, Dept Genom,; D-53127 Bonn, Germany; [Cichon, S; Muehleisen, TW; Degenhardt, FA; Mattheisen, M; Herms, S;; Weingarten, M; Priebe, L; Haenisch, B; Alexander, M; Vollmer, J;; Tessmann, P; Schumacher, J; Propping, P; Nothen, MM] Univ Bonn, Inst; Human Genet, D-53127 Bonn, Germany; [Cichon, S; Mattheisen, M; Steffens, M; Meesters, C; Wienker, TF] Univ; Bonn, Inst Med Biometry Informat & Epidemiol, D-53127 Bonn, Germany; [Cichon, S; Miro, X; Zimmer, A] Univ Bonn, Inst Mol Psychiat, D-53127; Bonn, Germany; [Strohmaier, J; Breuer, R; Schmal, C; Rietschel, M] Univ Mannheim, Cent; Inst Mental Hlth, Dept Genet Epidemiol Psychiat, D-68159 Mannheim,; Germany; [Moebus, S] Univ Duisburg Essen, Inst Med Informat Biometry & Epidemiol,; D-45147 Essen, Germany; [Wichmann, HE] German Res Ctr Environm Hlth, Inst Epidemiol, Helmholtz; Zentrum Munchen, D-85764 Neuherberg, Germany; [Wichmann, HE] Univ Munich, Inst Med Informat Biometry & Epidemiol,; Chair Epidemiol, D-81377 Munich, Germany; [Wichmann, HE] Klinikum Grosshadern, D-81377 Munich, Germany; [Schreiber, S] Univ Kiel, Inst Clin Mol Biol, D-24105 Kiel, Germany; [Muller-Myhsok, B; Lucae, S] Max Planck Inst Psychiat, D-80804 Munich,; Germany; [Jamain, S; Leboyer, M; Bellivier, F; Etain, B; Henry, C] ENBREC,; INSERM, IMRB, Fdn Fondamental,U955, F-94010 Creteil, France; [Jamain, S; Leboyer, M; Bellivier, F; Etain, B; Henry, C] Univ Paris; Est, Fac Med, F-75005 Paris, France; [Jamain, S; Leboyer, M; Bellivier, F; Etain, B; Henry, C] AP HP, Dept; Psychiat, Henri Mondor Albert Chenevier Grp, F-94000 Creteil, France; [Kahn, JP] CHU Nancy, Jeanne dArc Hosp, Dept Psychiat & Clin Psychol,; F-54200 Toul, France; [Heath, S; Lathrop, M] Ctr Natl Genotypage, F-91057 Evry, France; [Hamshere, M; O'Donovan, MC; Owen, MJ; Craddock, N] Cardiff Univ, Sch; Med, Dept Psychol Med, Cardiff CF14 4XN, S Glam, Wales; [Schwarz, M; Vedder, H; Kammerer-Ciernioch, J] Psychiat Ctr Nordbaden,; D-69168 Wiesloch, Germany; [Reif, A] Univ Wurzburg, Dept Psychiat, D-97070 Wurzburg, Germany; [Sasse, J; Bauer, M] Univ Hosp Carl Gustav Carus, Dept Psychiat &; Psychotherapy, D-01307 Dresden, Germany; [Hautzinger, M] Univ Tubingen, Inst Clin & Dev Psychol, Inst Psychol,; D-72074 Tubingen, Germany; [Wright, A; Mitchell, PB] Univ New S Wales, Sch Psychiat, Sydney, NSW; 2052, Australia; [Wright, A; Mitchell, PB] Prince Wales Hosp, Black Dog Inst, Randwick,; NSW 2031, Australia; [Schofield, PR] Neurosci Res Australia, Sydney, NSW 2031, Australia; [Schofield, PR] Univ New S Wales, Fac Med, Sch Med Sci, Sydney, NSW; 2052, Australia; [Montgomery, GW; Medland, SE; Gordon, SD; Martin, NG] Queensland Inst; Med Res, Brisbane, Qld 4006, Australia; [Gustafsson, O; Andreassen, O; Djurovic, S] Oslo Univ Hosp, Dept; Psychiat, N-0407 Oslo, Norway; [Andreassen, O; Djurovic, S] Univ Oslo, Inst Psychiat, N-0450 Oslo,; Norway; [Djurovic, S] Oslo Univ Hosp, Dept Med Genet, N-0407 Oslo, Norway; [Sigurdsson, E] Univ Iceland, Dept Psychiat, Natl Univ Hosp, IS-101; Reykjavik, Iceland; [Steinberg, S; Stefansson, H; Stefansson, K] DeCODE Genet, CNS Div,; IS-101 Reykjavik, Iceland; [Stefansson, K] Univ Iceland, Sch Med, IS-101 Reykjavik, Iceland; [Kapur-Pojskic, L] Univ Sarajevo, Lab Human Genet, INGEB, BA-71000; Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herceg; [Oruc, L] Univ Sarajevo, Psychiat Clin, Ctr Clin, BA-71000 Sarajevo,; Bosnia & Herceg; [Rivas, F; Mayoral, F] Civil Hosp Carlos Haya, ES-29010 Malaga, Spain; [Chuchalin, A; Babadjanova, G] Russian State Med Univ, Inst Pulmonol,; Moscow 105077, Russia; [Tiganov, AS; Pantelejeva, G; Abramova, LI] Russian Acad Med Sci, Mental; Hlth Res Ctr, Moscow 115522, Russia; [Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, M] Alexandru Obregia Clin Psychiat Hosp, Biometr; Psychiat Genet Res Unit, RO-041914 Bucharest, Romania; [Diaconu, CC] Acad Romana, Stefan S Nicolau Inst Virol, RO-030304; Bucharest, Romania; [Czerski, PM; Hauser, J] Karol Marcinkowski Univ Med Sci, Dept Psychiat,; PL-60572 Poznan, Poland; [Schulze, TG] Univ Gottingen, Univ Med Ctr, Dept Psychiat &; Psychotherapy, D-37075 Gottingen, Germany; [Maier, W] Univ Bonn, Dept Psychiat, D-53127 Bonn, Germany
Identifiers:ISI:000288589000019 [ID No:1]
ISSN:0002-9297 [ID No:2]
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