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ID: 570293.0, MPI für Evolutionsbiologie / Tropical ecology
The Pantanal: Ecology, biodiversity and sustainable management of a large neotropical seasonal wetland
Editors:Junk, Wolfgang J.; da Silva, Carolina J.; Nunes da Cunha, Cátia
Place of Publication:Sofia [et al.]
Publisher:Pensoft Publishers
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD):2011-04
Physical Description
(e.g. Total Number of Pages):
870 p.
Audience:Not Specified
Table of Contents:Foreword 10
by Junk, W.J.

Notes on contributors 13

1 The Pantanal: A large South American wetland and its position in limnological theory 23
by Junk, W.J., Nunes da Cunha, C., da Silva, C.J. & Wantzen, K.M.

2 Aspects of geological and sedimentological evolution of the Pantanal plain 47
by Irion, G., Buchas, H., Junk, W.J., Nunes da Cunha, C., De Morais, J.O. & Kasbohm, J.
3 The soil diversity of the Pantanal 71
by Couto, E.G.& Oliveira, V.A.
4 Hydrology of surface and ground waters in the Pantanal floodplains 103
by Girard, P.
5 A preliminary classification of habitats of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, and its relation to national and international wetland classification systems 127
by Nunes da Cunha. C. & Junk, W.J.
6 Cerrado stream valleys and their vegetation: Structure, impacts by erosion, and recuperation strategies 143
by Wantzen, K.M., Nunes da Cunha, C. & Siqueira, A.
7 Hydrochemistry of lakes, rivers and groundwater 167
by Nogueira, F., Silveira, R., da Silva, C. J., Abdo, M., Girard, P. & Wantzen, K.M.
8 Biogeochemical characterization of water, plants and soils in the floodplains of the Northern Pantanal of Mato Grosso (Brazil) – A comparison with Central-Amazonian floodplains 199
by Finck, M., Furch, K. & Junk, W.J.

9 Phytoplankton, periphyton, and metaphyton of the Pantanal floodplains: species composition and richness, density, biomass, and primary production 235
by Loverde-Oliveira, S.M., Adler, M. & Pinto Silva, V.
10 Species diversity, distribution, and biomass of aquatic macrophytes of the Pantanal 257
by Pott, V.J. & Pott, A.
11 Species diversity of terrestrial plants and human impact on the vegetation of the Pantanal 281
by Pott, A. & Ratter, J.A.
12 Landscape units of the Pantanal: structure, function, and human use 301
by Nunes da Cunha, C. & Junk, W.J.
13 Natural and cultivated pastures and their use by cattle 327
by Santos, S.A., Desbiez, A., Crispim, S.M.A., Comastri Filho, J.A., Abreu, U.G.P. & Rodela, L.G.

14 Zooplankton: species diversity, abundance and community development 355
by Brandorff, G.-O., Pinto Silva, V. & Morini, A.A.E.T.
15 Benthic invertebrates of the Pantanal and its tributaries 393
by Wantzen, K.M., Callil, C. & Butakka, C.M.M.
16 Arthropods associated with a forest of Attalea phalerata Mart. (Arecaceae) palm trees in the Northern Pantanal 431
by Marques, M.I., Adis, J., Battirola, L.D., dos Santos, G.B. & Castilho, A.C.C.
17 Ecology of Pantanal fish 469
by Resende, E.
18 Diversity, ecology, management and conservation of amphibians and reptiles of the Brazilian Pantanal: a review 497
by Strüssmann, C., Prado, C.P.A., Ferreira, V.L. & Kawashita-Ribeiro, R.A.
19 The birds of the Pantanal 523
by Petermann, P.
20 Mammals in the Pantanal wetland, Brazil 565
by Tomas, W.M., Cáceres, N.C., Nunes, A.P., Fischer, E., Mourão, G. & Campos, Z.
21 Stable isotope ecology of the food webs of the Pantanal 599
by Wantzen, K.M. Fellerhoff, C. & Voss, M.

22 Fishery and fishing resources in the Pantanal 621
by Mateus, L.A.F., Catella, A.C. & Petrere Jr., M.
23 Ecology and management of Caiman yacare (Daudin 1802) of the Brazilian Pantanal 649
by Coutinho, M. & Campos, Z.
24 Ribeirinhos between ecological adaptation and modernisation 673
by Neuburger, M. & Da Silva, C.J.
25 Gold- mining near Poconé: environmental, social, and economic impact 695
by Callil, C. & Junk, W.J.
26 Human impacts and environmental problems in the Brazilian Pantanal 719
by Machado, R.B., Harris, M.B., Silva, S.M. & Ramos Neto, M.B.
27 Traditional knowledge in the Pantanal region in Brazil and potential usage in modern medicine: The legal framework for bioprospection in Brazil 741
by Teixeira de Souza Jr., P.
28 Traditional beef cattle ranching and sustainable production in the Pantanal 755
by Santos S.A., Abreu, U.G.P., Tomich, T.R. & Comastri Filho, J.A.
29 Traditional use of vegetation for cattle-raising in the Pantanal on the Brazilian-Bolivian border 775
by Carniello M.A., Guarim Neto G., Guarim V.L.M.dos S., Figueiredo Z.N. & Amorozo M.C.M.
30 Suggestions for a sustainable management concept for the Pantanal 795
by Wantzen, K.M., Nunes da Cunha, C., Junk, W.J., Girard, P., Carmen Rossetto, O., Penha, J.M., Couto, E.G., Becker, M., Priante, G., Tomas, W.M., Santos, S.A., Marta, J., Domingos, I., Sonoda, F., Curvo, M. & Callil, C.

31 Ecology, biodiversity and sustainable management of the Pantanal: a synthesis 835
by Junk, W.J., Wantzen, K.M., Nunes da Cunha, C. & da Silva, C.J.

Index 859
External Publication Status:published
Document Type:Book
Communicated by:Brigitte Lechner
Affiliations:MPI für Evolutionsbiologie/AG Tropenökologie
Identifiers:ISBN:978-954-642-492-1 [ID-No:1]
ISBN:978-954-642-493-8 (e-book) [ID-No:2]
LOCALID:We 66/ 12303 [Signatur/Zugangsnummer]
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