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A conserved RhoGAP limits M phase contractility and coordinates with microtubule asters to confine RhoA during cytokinesis.
Authors: Zanin, Esther; Desai, Arshad; Poser, Ina; Toyoda, Yusuke; Andree, Cordula; Moebius, Claudia; Bickle, Marc; Conradt, Barbara; Piekny, Alisa; Oegema, Karen
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013
Title of Journal: Developmental Cell
Volume: 26
Issue / Number: 5
Start Page: 496
End Page: 510
Document Type: Article
ID: 688547.0
Hierarchical assembly of the eggshell and permeability barrier in C. elegans.
Authors: Olson, Sara K; Greenan, Garrett; Desai, Arshad; Müller-Reichert, Thomas; Oegema, Karen
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2012
Title of Journal: The Journal of Cell Biology
Volume: 198
Issue / Number: 4
Start Page: 731
End Page: 748
Document Type: Article
ID: 645285.0
A high-resolution C. elegans essential gene network based on phenotypic profiling of a complex tissue.
Authors: Green, Rebecca A; Kao, Huey-Ling; Audhya, Anjon; Arur, Swathi; Mayers, Jonathan R; Fridolfsson, Heidi N; Schulman, Monty; Schloissnig, Siegfried; Niessen, Sherry; Laband, Kimberley; Wang, Shaohe; Starr, Daniel A; Hyman, Anthony A.; Schedl, Tim; Desai, Arshad; Piano, Fabio; Gunsalus, Kristin C.; Oegema, Karen
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2011
Title of Journal: Cell
Volume: 145
Issue / Number: 3
Start Page: 470
End Page: 482
Document Type: Article
ID: 585213.0
Integrative analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans genome by the modENCODE project
Authors: Gerstein, Mark; Lu, Zhi John; Van Nostrand, Eric L.; Cheng, Chao; Arshinoff, Bradley I.; Liu, Tao; Yip, Kevin Y.; Robilotto, Rebecca; Rechtsteiner, Andreas; Ikegami, Kohta; Alves, Pedro; Chateigner, Aurelien; Perry, Marc; Morris, Mitzi; Auerbach, Raymond; Feng, Xin; Leng, Jing; Vielle, Anne; Niu, Wei; Rhrissorrakrai, Kahn; Agarwal, Ashish; Alexander, Roger P.; Barber, Galt; Brdlik, Cathleen M; Brennan, Jennifer; Brouillet, Jeremy Jean; Carr, Adrian; Cheung, Ming-Sin; Clawson, Hiram; Contrino, Sergio; Dannenberg, Luke O.; Dernburg, Abby F.; Desai, Arshad; Dick, Lindsay; Dosé, Andréa; Du, Jiang; Egelhofer, Thea; Ercan, Sevinc; Euskirchen, Ghia; Ewing, Brent; Feingold, Elise A.; Gassmann, Reto; Good, Peter J.; Green, Phil; Gullier, Francois; Gutwein, Michelle; Guyer, Mark S.; Habegger, Lukas; Han, Ting; Henikoff, Jorja G.; Henz, Stefan R.; Hinrichs, Angie; Holster, Heather; Hyman, Anthony A.; Iniguez, A. Leo; Janette, Judith; Jensen, Morten; Kato, Masaomi; Kent, W. James; Kephart, Ellen; Khivansara, Vishal; Khurana, Ekta; Kim, John K.; Kolasinska-Zwierz, Paulina; Lai, Eric C; Latorre, Isabel; Leahey, Amber; Lewis, Suzanna E; Lloyd, Paul; Lochovsky, Lucas; Lowdon, Rebecca F.; Lubling, Yaniv; Lyne, Rachel; MacCoss, Michael; Mackowiak, Sebastian D.; Mangone, Marco; McKay, Sheldon; Mecenas, Desirea; Merrihew, Gennifer; Miller, David M.; Muroyama, Andrew; Murray, John I.; Ooi, Siew-Loon; Pham, Hoang; Phippen, Taryn; Preston, Elicia A.; Rajewski, Nikolaus; Rätsch, Gunnar; Rosenbaum, Heidi; Rozowksy, Joel; Rutherford, Kim; Ruzanov, Peter; Sarov, Mihail; Sasidharan, Rajkumar; Sboner, Andrea; Scheid, Paul; Segal, Eran; Shin, Hyunjin; Shou, Chong; Slack, Frank J.; Slightham, Cindie; Smith, Richard; Spencer, William C.; Stinson, E. O.; Taing, Scott; Takasaki, Teruaki; Vafeados, Dionne; Voronina, Ksenia; Wang, Guilin; Washington, Nicole L.; Whittle, Christina M.; Wu, Beijing; Yang, Koon-Kiu; Zeller, Georg; Zha, Zheng; Zhong, Mei; Zhou, Xingliang; Ahringer, Julie; Strome, Susan; Gunsalus, Kristin C.; Micklem, Gos; Liu, X. Shirley; Reinke, Valerie; Kim, Stuart K; Hillier, LaDeana W; Henikoff, Steven; Piano, Fabio; Snyder, Michael; Stein, Lincoln; Lieb, Jason D.; Waterston, Robert H
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2010
Title of Journal: Science (New York, N.Y.)
Volume: 330
Issue / Number: 6012
Start Page: 1775
End Page: 1787
Document Type: Article
ID: 546571.0
Expression and imaging of fluorescent proteins in the C. elegans gonad and early embryo
Authors: Green, Rebecca A; Audhya, Anjon; Pozniakovsky, Andrei; Dammermann, Alexander; Pemble, Hayley; Monen, Joost; Portier, Nathan; Hyman, Anthony; Desai, Arshad; Oegema, Karen
Title of Book: Fluorescent Proteins
Start Page: 179
End Page: 218
Place of Publication: Amsterdam
Publisher: Elsevier
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008
Document Type: InBook
ID: 414308.0
A Bir1-Sli15 complex connects centromeres to microtubules and is required to sense kinetochore tension
Authors: Sandall, Sharsti; Severin, Fedor; McLeod, Ian X; Yates, John R; Oegema, Karen; Hyman, Anthony; Desai, Arshad
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006
Title of Journal: Cell
Volume: 127
Issue / Number: 6
Start Page: 1179
End Page: 1191
Document Type: Article
ID: 311139.0
Entries: 1-6  
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