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A massive, quiescent galaxy at a redshift of 3.717
Authors: Glazebrook, K.; Schreiber, C.; Labbé, I.; Nanayakkara, T.; Kacprzak, G. G.; Oesch, P. A.; Papovich, C.; Spitler, L. R.; Straatman, C. M. S.; Tran, K.-V.; Yuan, T.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2017
Title of Journal: Nature
Volume: 544
Issue / Number: 7648
Start Page: 71
End Page: 74
Document Type: Article
ID: 742707.0
Deep CO(1–0) observations of z = 1.62 cluster galaxies with substantial molecular gas reservoirs and normal star formation efficiencies
Authors: Rudnick, G.; Hodge, J.; Walter, F.; Momcheva, I.; Tran, K.-V.; Papovich, C.; da Cunha, E.; Decarli, R.; Saintonge, A.; Willmer, C.; Lotz, J.; Lentati, L.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2017
Title of Journal: The Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 849
Issue / Number: 1
Start Page: id. 27 (18 pp)
Document Type: Article
ID: 742468.0
Discovery of extreme [O III]+Hβ emitting galaxies tracing an overdensity at z ˜ 3.5 in CDF-South
Authors: Forrest, B.; Tran, K.-V.; Broussard, A.; Allen, R. J.; Apfel, M.; Cowley, M. J.; Glazebrook, K.; Kacprzak, G. G.; Labbé, I.; Nanayakkara, T.; Papovich, C.; Quadri, R. F.; Spitler, L. R.; Straatman, C. M. S.; Tomczak, A.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2017
Title of Journal: The Astrophysical Journal Letters
Volume: 838
Issue / Number: 1
Start Page: id. L12 (6 pp)
Document Type: Article
ID: 742727.0
Effect of local environment and stellar mass on galaxy quenching and morphology at 0.5 < z < 2.0
Authors: Kawinwanichakij, L.; Papovich, C.; Quadri, R. F.; Glazebrook, K.; Kacprzak, G. G.; Allen, R. J.; Bell, E. F.; Croton, D. J.; Dekel, A.; Ferguson, H. C.; Forrest, B.; Grogin, N. A.; Guo, Y.; Kocevski, D. D.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Labbé, I.; Lucas, R. A.; Nanayakkara, T.; Spitler, L. R.; Straatman, C. M. S.; Tran, K.-V.; Tomczak, A.; van Dokkum, P.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2017
Title of Journal: The Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 847
Issue / Number: 2
Start Page: id. 134 (21 pp)
Document Type: Article
ID: 742632.0
The nature of massive transition galaxies in CANDELS, GAMA and cosmological simulations
Authors: Pandya, V.; Brennan, R.; Somerville, R. S.; Choi, E.; Barro, G.; Wuyts, S.; Taylor, E. N.; Behroozi, P.; Kirkpatrick, A.; Faber, S. M.; Primack, J.; Koo, D. C.; McIntosh, D. H.; Kocevski, D.; Bell, E. F.; Dekel, A.; Fang, J. J.; Ferguson, H. C.; Grogin, N.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Lu, Y.; Mantha, K.; Mobasher, B.; Newman, J.; Pacifici, C.; Papovich, C.; van der Wel, A.; Yesuf, H. M.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2017
Title of Journal: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Volume: 472
Issue / Number: 2
Start Page: 2054
End Page: 2084
Document Type: Article
ID: 742515.0
Caught in the Act: the assembly of massive cluster galaxies at z = 1.62
Authors: Lotz, J. M.; Papovich, C.; Faber, S. M.; Ferguson, H. C.; Grogin, N.; Guo, Y.; Kocevski, D.; Koekemoer, A. M.; Lee, K.-S.; McIntosh, D.; Momcheva, I.; Rudnick, G.; Saintonge, A.; Tran, K.-V.; van der Wel, A.; Willmer, C.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2013
Title of Journal: The Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 773
Start Page: id. 154 (10 pp)
Document Type: Article
ID: 693599.0
What turns galaxies off? The different morphologies of star-forming and quiescent galaxies since z ~ 2 from CANDELS
Authors: Bell, E. F.; van der Wel, A.; Papovich, C.; Kocevski, D.; Lotz, J.; McIntosh, D. H.; Kartaltepe, J.; Faber, S. M.; Ferguson, H.; Koekemoer, A.; Grogin, N.; Wuyts, S.; Cheung, E.; Conselice, C. J.; Dekel, A.; Dunlop, J. S.; Giavalisco, M.; Herrington, J.; Koo, D. C.; McGrath, E. J.; de Mello, D.; Rix, H.-W.; Robaina, A. R.; Williams, C. C.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2012
Volume: 753
Issue / Number: 2
Start Page: id. 167
Document Type: Article
ID: 661087.0
History of galaxy interactions and their impact on star formation over the last 7 Gyr from GEMS
Authors: Jogee, Shardha; Miller, Sarah H.; Penner, Kyle; Skelton, Rosalind E.; Conselice, Christopher J.; Somerville, Rachel S.; Bell, Eric F.; Zheng, Xian Zhong; Rix, Hans-Walter; Robaina, Aday R.; Barazza, Fabio D.; Barden, Marco; Borch, Andrea; Beckwith, Steven V. W.; Caldwell, John A. R.; Peng, Chien Y.; Heymans, Catherine; McIntosh, Daniel H.; Häußler, Boris; Jahnke, Knud; Meisenheimer, Klaus; Sanchez, Sebastian F.; Wisotzki, Lutz; Wolf, Christian; Papovich, Casey
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009
Title of Journal: The Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 697
Start Page: 1971
End Page: 1992
Document Type: Article
ID: 448168.0
Less than 10 percent of star formation in z ~ 0.6 massive galaxies is triggered by major interactions
Authors: Robaina, Aday R.; Bell, Eric F.; Skelton, Rosalind E.; McIntosh, Daniel H.; Somerville, Rachel S.; Zheng, Xianzhong; Rix, Hans-Walter; Bacon, David; Balogh, Michael; Barazza, Fabio D.; Barden, Marco; Böhm, Asmus; Caldwell, John A. R.; Gallazzi, Anna; Gray, Meghan E.; Häussler, Boris; Heymans, Catherine; Jahnke, Knud; Jogee, Shardha; van Kampen, Eelco; Lane, Kyle; Meisenheimer, Klaus; Papovich, Casey; Peng, Chien Y.; Sánchez, Sebastián; Skibba, Ramin; Taylor, Andy; Wisotzki, Lutz; Wolf, Christian
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009
Title of Journal: The Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 704
Issue / Number: 1
Start Page: 324
End Page: 340
Document Type: Article
ID: 448260.0
Obscured star formation in intermediate-density environments: a Spitzer study of the Abell 901/902 supercluster
Authors: Gallazzi, Anna; Bell, Eric F.; Wolf, Christian; Gray, Meghan E.; Papovich, Casey; Barden, Marco; Peng, Chien Y.; Meisenheimer, Klaus; Heymans, Catherine; van Kampen, Eelco; Gilmour, Rachel; Balogh, Michael; McIntosh, Daniel H.; Bacon, David; Barazza, Fabio D.; Böhm, Asmus; Caldwell, John A. R.; Häußler, Boris; Jahnke, Knud; Jogee, Shardha; Lane, Kyle; Robaina, Aday R.; Sanchez, Sebastian F.; Taylor, Andy; Wisotzki, Lutz; Zheng, Xianzhong
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009
Title of Journal: The Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 690
Start Page: 1883
End Page: 1900
Document Type: Article
ID: 448133.0
Entries: 1-10  
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