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Genome analysis of the platypus reveals unique signatures of evolution
Authors: Warren, Wesley C.; Hillier, LaDeana W.; Marshall Graves, Jennifer A.; Birney, Ewan; Ponting, Chris P.; Grützner, Frank; Belov, Katherine; Miller, Webb; Clarke, Laura; Chinwalla, Asif T.; Yang, Shiaw-Pyng; Heger, Andreas; Locke, Devin P.; Miethke, Pat; Waters, Paul D.; Veyrunes, Frédéric; Fulton, Lucinda; Fulton, Bob; Graves, Tina; Wallis, John; Puente, Xose S.; López-Otín, Carlos; Ordóñez, Gonzalo R.; Eichler, Evan E.; Chen, Lin; Cheng, Ze; Deakin, Janine E.; Alsop, Amber; Thompson, Katherine; Kirby, Patrick; Papenfuss, Anthony T.; Wakefield, Matthew J.; Olender, Tsviya; Lancet, Doron; Huttley, Gavin A.; Smit, Arian F. A.; Pask, Andrew; Temple-Smith, Peter; Batzer, Mark A.; Walker, Jerilyn A.; Konkel, Miriam K.; Harris, Robert S.; Whittington, Camilla M.; Wong, Emily S. W.; Gemmell, Neil J.; Buschiazzo, Emmanuel; Vargas Jentzsch, Iris M.; Merkel, Angelika; Schmitz, Juergen; Zemann, Anja; Churakov, Gennady; Kriegs, Jan Ole; Brosius, Juergen; Murchison, Elizabeth P.; Sachidanandam, Ravi; Smith, Carly; Hannon, Gregory J.; send-Ayush, Enkhjargal T; McMillan, Daniel; Attenborough, Rosalind; Rens, Willem; Ferguson-Smith, Malcolm; Lefèvre, Christophe M.; Sharp, Julie A.; Nicholas, Kevin R.; Ray, David A.; Kube, Michael; Reinhardt, Richard; Pringle, Thomas H.; Taylor, James; Jones, Russell C.; Nixon, Brett; Dacheux, Jean-Louis; Niwa, Hitoshi; Sekita, Yoko; Huang, Xiaoqiu; Stark, Alexander; Kheradpour, Pouya; Kellis, Manolis; Flicek, Paul; Chen, Yuan; Webber, Caleb; Hardison, Ross; Nelson, Joanne; Hallsworth-Pepin, Kym; Delehaunty, Kim; Markovic, Chris; Minx, Pat; Feng, Yucheng; Kremitzki, Colin; Mitreva, Makedonka; Glasscock, Jarret; Wylie, Todd; Wohldmann, Patricia; Thiru, Prathapan; Nhan, Michael N.; Pohl, Craig S.; Smith, Scott M.; Hou, Shunfeng; Renfree, Marilyn B.; Mardis, Elaine R.; Wilson, Richard K.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008-05-08
Title of Journal: Nature
Volume: 453
Issue / Number: 7192
Start Page: 175
End Page: 183
Document Type: Article
ID: 414394.0
Full text / Content available
In search of polymorphic alu insertions with restricted geographic distributions
Authors: Cordaux, Richard; Srikanta, Deepa; Lee, Jungnam; Stoneking, Mark; Batzer, Mark A.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-05-11
Title of Journal: Genomics
Volume: 90
Issue / Number: 1
Start Page: 154
End Page: 158
Document Type: Article
ID: 321373.0
Y-chromosome STR haplotypes and the genetic structure of U.S. populations of African, European, and Hispanic ancestry
Authors: Kayser, Manfred; Brauer, Silke; Schädlich, Hiltrud; Prinz, M.; Batzer, Mark A.; Zimmerman, Peter A.; Boatin, B. A.; Stoneking, Mark
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2003
Title of Journal: Genome Research
Volume: 13
Start Page: 624
End Page: 634
Document Type: Article
ID: 24693.0
Online Y-chromosomal short tandem repeat haplotype reference database (YHRD) for US populations
Authors: Kayser, Manfred; Brauer, Silke; Willuweit, Sascha; Schädlich, Hiltrud; Batzer, Mark A.; Zawacki, J.; Prinz, M.; Roewer, Lutz; Stoneking, Mark
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2002-05
Title of Journal: Journal of Forensic Sciences
Volume: 47
Issue / Number: 3
Start Page: 513
End Page: 519
Document Type: Article
ID: 21667.0
Patterns of human diversity, within and among continents, inferred from biallelic DNA polymorphisms
Authors: Romualdi, C.; Balding, D.; Nasidze, Ivan; Risch, G. M.; Robichaux, M.; Sherry, Stephen T.; Stoneking, Mark; Batzer, Mark A.; Barbujani, G.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2002-04
Title of Journal: Genome Research
Volume: 12
Issue / Number: 4
Start Page: 602
End Page: 612
Document Type: Article
ID: 21693.0
Alu insertion polymorphisms and the genetic structure of human populations from the Caucasus
Authors: Nasidze, Ivan; Risch, G. M.; Robichaux, M.; Sherry, Stephen T.; Batzer, Mark A.; Stoneking, Mark
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2001
Title of Journal: European Journal of Human Genetics
Volume: 9
Start Page: 267
End Page: 272
Document Type: Article
ID: 233039.0
Alu insertion polymorphisms in humans: a review
Authors: Donnelly, P.; Foley, R.; Stoneking, Mark; Deininger, Prescott L.; Batzer, Mark A.
Title of Book: Genes, Fossils and Behaviour
Start Page: 111
End Page: 121
Place of Publication: Amsterdam
Publisher: IOS Press
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2001
Document Type: InBook
ID: 233053.0
Diversity and heterogeneity in mitochondrial DNA of North American populations
Authors: Melton, T.; Clifford, S.; Kayser, Manfred; Nasidze, Ivan; Batzer, Mark A.; Stoneking, Mark
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2001
Title of Journal: Journal of Forensic Sciences
Volume: 46
Start Page: 46
End Page: 52
Document Type: Article
ID: 233032.0
Phylogenetic analysis of the Friedreich ataxia GAA trinucleotide repeat
Authors: Justice, C. M.; Den, Z.; Nguyen, S. V.; Stoneking, Mark; Deininger, Prescott L.; Batzer, Mark A.; Keats, B. J. B.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2001
Title of Journal: Journal of Molecular Evolution
Volume: 52
Start Page: 232
End Page: 238
Document Type: Article
ID: 233025.0
Alu insertion polymorphisms in Northwest Africa and the Iberian Peninsula: evidence for a strong genetic boundary through the Gibraltar Straits
Authors: Comas, David; Calafell, F.; Benchemsi, N.; Helal, A.; Lefranc, G.; Stoneking, Mark; Batzer, Mark A.; Bertranpetit, J.; Sajantila, Antti
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2000
Title of Journal: Human Genetics
Volume: 107
Start Page: 312
End Page: 319
Document Type: Article
ID: 232924.0
Entries: 1-10  
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