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Genome-wide association study for ulcerative colitis identifies risk loci at 7q22 and 22q13 (IL17REL)
Authors: Franke, Andre; Balschun, Tobias; Sina, Christian; Ellinghaus, David; Häsler, Robert; Mayr, Gabriele; Albrecht, Mario; Wittig, Michael; Buchert, Eva; Nikolaus, Susanna; Gieger, Christian; Wichmann, H. Erich; Sventoraityte, Jurgita; Kupcinskas, Limas; Onnie, Clive M.; Gazouli, Maria; Anagnou, Nicholas P.; Strachan, David; McArdle, Wendy L.; Mathew, Christopher G.; Rutgeerts, Paul; Vermeire, Séverine; Vatn, Morten H.; Krawczak, Michael; Rosenstiel, Philip; Karlsen, Tom H.; Schreiber, Stefan
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2010
Title of Journal: Nature Genetics
Volume: 42
Issue / Number: 4
Start Page: 292
End Page: 294
Document Type: Article
ID: 536621.0
Do mothers promote social preference among their paternally related offspring?: Testing mechanisms of paternal kin discrimination
Authors: Widdig, Anja; Alberts, Susan C.; Nürnberg, Peter; Krawczak, Michael
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008
Title of Journal: Folia Primatologica
Volume: 79
Issue / Number: 5
Start Page: 398
End Page: 398
Document Type: Article
ID: 397213.0
Sequence variants in IL10, ARPC2, and multiple other loci contribute to ulcerative colitis
Authors: Franke, Andre; Balschun, Tobias; Karlsen, Tom H.; Sventoraityte, Jurgita; Nikolaus, Susanna; Mayr, Gabriele; Domingues, Francisco S.; Albrecht, Mario; Nothnagel, Michael; Ellinghaus, David; Sina, Christian; Onnie, Clive M.; Weersma, Rinse K.; Stokkers, Pieter C. F.; Wijmenga, Cisca; Gazouli, Maria; Strachan, David; McArdle, Wendy L.; Vermeire, Séverine; Rutgeers, Paul; Rosenstiel, Philip; Krawczak, Michael; Vatn, Morten H.; Mathew, Christopher G.; Schreiber, Stefan; Moum, Bjørn; Jahnsen, Jørgen; Solberg, Camilla; Stray, Njål; Henriksen, Magne; Sauar, Jostein; Høie, Ole
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008
Title of Journal: Nature Genetics
Volume: 40
Issue / Number: 11
Start Page: 1319
End Page: 1323
Document Type: Article
ID: 428075.0
A genome-wide association scan of nonsynonymous SNPs identifies a susceptibility variant for {Crohn} disease in {ATG16L1}
Authors: Hampe, Jochen; Franke, Andre; Rosenstiel, Philip; Till, Andreas; Teuber, Markus; Huse, Klaus; Albrecht, Mario; Mayr, Gabriele; De La Vega, Francisco M.; Briggs, Jason; Günther, Simone; Prescott, Natalie J.; Onnie, Clive M.; Häsler, Robert; Sipos, Bence; Fölsch, Ulrich R.; Lengauer, Thomas; Platzer, Matthias; Mathew, Christopher G.; Krawczak, Michael; Schreiber, Stefan
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007
Title of Journal: Nature Genetics
Volume: 39
Issue / Number: 2
Start Page: 207
End Page: 211
Document Type: Article
ID: 356622.0
Systematic association mapping identifies NELL1 as a novel IBD disease gene
Authors: Franke, Andre; Hampe, Jochen; Rosenstiel, Philip; Becker, Christoph; Wagner, Florian; Häsler, Robert; Little, Randall D.; Huse, Klaus; Ruether, Andreas; Balschun, Tobias; Wittig, Michael; ElSharawy, Abdou; Mayr, Gabriele; Albrecht, Mario; Prescott, Natalie J.; Onnie, Clive M.; Fournier, Hélène; Keith, Tim; Radelof, Uwe; Platzer, Matthias; Mathew, Christopher G.; Stoll, Monika; Krawczak, Michael; Nürnberg, Peter; Schreiber, Stefan
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007
Title of Journal: PLoS ONE
Volume: 2
Issue / Number: 8
Start Page: e691.1
End Page: 13
Document Type: Article
ID: 356587.0
Signature of recent historical events in the European Y-chromosomal STR haplotype distribution
Authors: Roewer, Lutz; Croucher, P. J. P.; Willuweit, Sascha; Lu, T. T.; Kayser, Manfred; Lessig, R.; de Knijff, Peter; Jobling, Mark A.; Tyler-Smith, Chris; Krawczak, Michael
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2005-03
Title of Journal: Human Genetics
Volume: 116
Issue / Number: 4
Start Page: 279
End Page: 291
Document Type: Article
ID: 251490.0
Genetics of Crohn disease, an archetypal inflammatory barrier disease
Authors: Schreiber, Stefan; Rosenstiel, Philip; Albrecht, Mario; Hampe, Jochen; Krawczak, Michael
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2005
Title of Journal: Nature Reviews Genetics
Volume: 6
Start Page: 376
End Page: 388
Document Type: Article
ID: 279049.0
Sarcoidosis is associated with a truncating splice site mutation in BTNL2
Authors: Valentonyte, Ruta; Hampe, Jochen; Huse, Klaus; Rosenstiel, Philip; Albrecht, Mario; Stenzel, Annette; Nagy, Marion; Gaede, Karoline I.; Franke, Andre; Haesler, Robert; Koch, Andreas; Lengauer, Thomas; Seegert, Dirk; Reiling, Norbert; Ehlers, Stefan; Schwinger, Eberhard; Platzer, Mathias; Krawczak, Michael; Müller-Quernheim, Joachim; Schürmann, Manfred; Schreiber, Stefan
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2005
Title of Journal: Nature Genetics
Volume: 37
Start Page: 357
End Page: 364
Document Type: Article
ID: 279042.0
Asian online Y-STR Haplotype Reference Database
Authors: Lessig, R.; Willuweit, Sascha; Krawczak, Michael; Wu, Fang-Chin; Pu, Chang-En; Kim, Wook; Henke, Lotte; Henke, Jürgen; Miranda, Jasmin; Hidding, Monika; Benecke, Mark; Schmitt, Cornelia; Magno, Michelle; Calacal, Gayvelline; Delfin, Frederick C.; de Ungria, Maria C. A.; Elias, Sahar; Augustin, Christa; Tun, Zwa; Honda, Katsuja; Kayser, Manfred; Gusmao, Leonor; Amorim, Antonio; Alves, Cintia; Hou, Yiping; Keyser, Christine; Ludes, Bertrand; Klintschar, Michael; Immel, Uta D.; Reichenpfader, Barbara; Zaharova, Boriana; Roewer, Lutz
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2003
Title of Journal: Legal Medicine
Volume: 5
Issue / Number: Suppl.1
Start Page: S160
End Page: S163
Document Type: Article
ID: 21626.0
Multiple sirehood in free-ranging twin rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta)
Authors: Bercovitch, Fred B.; Widdig, Anja; Berard, John D.; Nürnberg, Peter; Kessler, Matt J.; Schmidtke, Jörg; Trefilov, Andrea; Krawczak, Michael
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2002-04-19
Title of Journal: American Journal of Primatology
Volume: 57
Issue / Number: 1
Start Page: 31
End Page: 34
Document Type: Article
ID: 24445.0
Entries: 1-10  
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