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Supernova 2007bi as a pair-instability explosion
Authors: Gal-Yam, A.; Mazzali, P.; Ofek, E. O.; Nugent, P. E.; Kulkarni, S. R.; Kasliwal, M. M.; Quimby, R. M.; Filippenko, A. V.; Cenko, S. B.; Chornock, R.; Waldman, R.; Kasen, D.; Sullivan, M.; Beshore, E. C.; Drake, A. J.; Thomas, R. C.; Bloom, J. S.; Poznanski, D.; Miller, A. A.; Foley, R. J.; Silverman, J. M.; Arcavi, I.; Ellis, R. S.; Deng, J.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-12-03
Title of Journal: Nature
Volume: 462
Issue / Number: 7273
Start Page: 624
End Page: 627
Document Type: Article
ID: 443356.0
Extensive optical and near-infrared observations of the nearby, narrow-lined type Ic SN 2007gr : days 5 to 415
Authors: Hunter, D. J.; Valenti, S.; Kotak, R.; Meikle, W. P. S.; Taubenberger, S.; Pastorello, A.; Benetti, S.; Stanishev, V.; Smartt, S. J.; Trundle, C.; Arkharov, A. A.; Bufano, F.; Cappellaro, E.; Di Carlo, E.; Dolci, M.; Elias-Rosa, N.; Frandsen, S.; Fynbo, J. U.; Hopp, U.; Larionov, V. M.; Laursen, P.; Mazzali, P.; Navasardyan, H.; Ries, C.; Riffeser, A.; Rizzi, L.; Tsvetkov, D. Y.; Turatto, M.; Wilke, S.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-12
Title of Journal: Astronomy & Astrophysics
Volume: 508
Issue / Number: 1
Start Page: 371
End Page: 389
Document Type: Article
ID: 443360.0
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Ultraviolet spectroscopy of supernovae: the first two years of Swift observations
Authors: Bufano, F.; Immler, S.; Turatto, M.; Landsman, W.; Brown, P.; Benetti, S.; Cappellaro, E.; Holland, S. T.; Mazzali, P.; Milne, P.; Panagia, N.; Pian, E.; Roming, P.; Zampieri, L.; Breeveld, A. A.; Gehrels, N.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-08-01
Title of Journal: The Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 700
Issue / Number: 2
Start Page: 1456
End Page: 1472
Document Type: Article
ID: 433933.0
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SN 2006gy: Was it really extraordinary?
Authors: Agnoletto, I.; Benetti, S.; Cappellaro, E.; Zampieri, L.; Turatto, M.; Mazzali, P.; Pastorello, A.; Della Valle, M.; Bufano, F.; Harutyunyan, H.; Elias-Rosa, N.; Taubenberger, S.; Spiro, S.; Valenti, S.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-02-01
Title of Journal: The Astrophysical Journal
Volume: 691
Issue / Number: 2
Start Page: 1348
End Page: 1359
Document Type: Article
ID: 408345.0
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Explosion of a massive, He-rich star at z = 0.16
Authors: Elias-Rosa, N.; Pastorello, A.; Zampieri, L.; Mazzali, P.; Benetti, S.
Place of Publication: Melville, NY, USA
Publisher: American Institute of Physics
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009
Name of Conference/Meeting: International Conference on Probing Stellar Populations out to the Distant Universe
Title of Proceedings: Probing Stellar Populations out to the Distant Universe
Start Page: 448
End Page: 451
Title of Series: AIP Conference Proceedings
Volume (in Series): 1111
Document Type: Conference-Paper
ID: 431851.0
Full text / Content available
Anomalous X-ray emission in GRB 060904B: A Nickel line?
Authors: Margutti, R.; Moretti, A.; Pasotti, F.; Campana, S.; Chincarini, G.; Covino, S.; Guidorzi, C.; Mazzali, P.; Romano, P.; Tagliaferri, G.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008-03
Title of Journal: Astronomy & Astrophysics
Volume: 480
Issue / Number: 3
Start Page: 677
End Page: 685
Document Type: Article
ID: 357458.0
Full text / Content available
The broad-lined type Ic supernova 2003jd
Authors: Valenti, S.; Benetti, S.; Cappellaro, E.; Patat, F.; Mazzali, P.; Turatto, M.; Hurley, K.; Maeda, K.; Gal-Yam, A.; Foley, R. J.; Filippenko, A. V.; Pastorello, A.; Challis, P.; Frontera, F.; Harutyunyan, A.; Iye, M.; Kawabata, K.; Kirshner, R. P.; Li, W.; Lipkin, Y. M.; Matheson, T.; Nomoto, K.; Ofek, E. O.; Ohyama, Y.; Pian, E.; Poznanski, D.; Salvo, M.; Sauer, D. N.; Schmidt, B. P.; Soderberg, A.; Zampieri, L.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008-02-01
Title of Journal: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
Volume: 383
Issue / Number: 4
Start Page: 1485
End Page: 1500
Document Type: Article
ID: 357405.0
Full text / Content available
The early spectral evolution of SN 2004dt
Authors: Altavilla, G.; Stehle, M.; Ruiz-Lapuente, P.; Mazzali, P.; Pignata, G.; Balastegui, A.; Benetti, S.; Blanc, G.; Canal, R.; Elias-Rosa, N.; Goobar, A.; Harutyunyan, A.; Pastorello, A.; Patat, F.; Rich, J.; Salvo, M.; Schmidt, B. P.; Stanishev, V.; Taubenberger, S.; Hillebrandt, W.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-11
Title of Journal: Astronomy & Astrophysics
Volume: 475
Issue / Number: 2
Start Page: 585
End Page: 595
Document Type: Article
ID: 335205.0
Full text / Content available
SN 2003du: 480 days in the life of a normal type Ia supernova
Authors: Stanishev, V.; Goobar, A.; Benetti, S.; Kotak, R.; Pignata, G.; Navasardyan, H.; Mazzali, P.; Amanullah, R.; Garavini, G.; Nobili, S.; Qiu, Y.; Elias-Rosa, N.; Ruiz-Lapuente, P.; Mendez, J.; Meikle, P.; Patat, F.; Pastorello, A.; Altavilla, G.; Gustafsson, M.; Harutyunyan, A.; Iijima, T.; Jakobsson, P.; Kichizhieva, M. V.; Lundquist, P.; Mattila, S.; Melinder, J.; Pavlenko, E. P.; Pavlyuk, N. N.; Sollerman, J.; Tsvetkov, D. Yu.; Turatto, M.; Hillebrandt, W.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-07
Title of Journal: Astronomy & Astrophysics
Volume: 469
Issue / Number: 2
Start Page: 645
End Page: 661
Document Type: Article
ID: 319551.0
Full text / Content available
The GRB 060218/SN 2006aj event in the context of other gamma-ray burst supernovae
Authors: Ferrero, P.; Kann, D. A.; Zeh, A.; Klose, S.; Pian, E.; Palazzi, E.; Masetti, N.; Hartmann, D. H.; Sollerman, J.; Deng, J.; Filippenko, A. V.; Greiner, J.; Hughes, M. A.; Mazzali, P.; Li, W.; Rol, E.; Smith, R. J.; Tanvir, N. R.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006-10
Title of Journal: Astronomy & Astrophysics
Volume: 457
Issue / Number: 3
Start Page: 857
End Page: 864
Document Type: Article
ID: 288650.0
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Entries: 1-10  
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