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Authors: Aggarwal, Roshan L.; Nie, Shuming; Natan, Michael J.; Foulger, B.; Smith, W. Ewen; Käll, Mikael; Pettinger, Bruno; Tian, Zhong-Qun; Kneipp, Katrin; Glembocki, Orest J.; Cohen, Lesley F.; Graham, Duncan; Cass, A. E. G.; Stone, N.; Green, Mino; Kosower, Edward M.; Corish, Peter; Abdelsalam, Mamdouh E.; Zoorob, M.; Pearson, B.; Alexander, Barbara D.; Goodacre, Royston; Le Ru, Eric C.; Donaldson, P.; Cant, N. E.; Pal, Anjali; Baumberg, Jeremy J.; Cintra, Suzanne H.; Vlckova, Blanka; McCabe, Ailie F.; Cormack, Peter A. G.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006-05-27
Title of Journal: Faraday Discussions
Volume: 132
Start Page: 309
End Page: 319
Document Type: Article
ID: 292135.0