Gartemann, K.H., B. Abt, T. Bekel, A. Burger, J. Engemann, M. Flügel, L. Gaigalat, A. Goesmann, I. Gräfen, J. Kalinowski, O. Kaup, O. Kirchner, L. Krause, B. Linke, A. McHardy, F. Meyer, S. Pohle, C. Rückert, S. Schneiker, E.M. Zellermann, A. Pühler, R. Eichenlaub, O. Kaiser and D. Bartels: The genome sequence of the tomato-pathogenic actinomycete Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis NCPPB382 reveals a large island involved in pathogenicity. In: The Journal of Bacteriology 190, 6, 2138-2149 (2008).
doi: 10.1128/JB.01595-07
localid: C125756E0038A185-3ABFD0B67D0C9CFCC1257540004F0C05-Gartemann2008
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