Shongwe, M. S., U. A. Al-Zaabi, F. Al-Mjeni, C. S. Eribal, E. Sinn, I. A. Al-Omari, H. H. Hamdeh, D. Matoga, H. Adams, M. J. Morris, A. L. Rheingold, E. Bill and D. J. Sellmyer: Accessibility and Selective Stabilization of the Principal Spin States of Iron by Pyridyl versus Phenolic Ketimines: Modulation of the 6A1 <-> 2T2 Ground-State Transformation of the [FeN4O2]+ Chromophore. In: Inorganic Chemistry 51, 15, 8241-8253 (2012).
doi: 10.1021/ic300732r
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