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Characterization of cytoplasmic bodies involved in 5' to 3' mRNA degradation in human cells
Authors: Andrei, M. A.
Name of University: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Place of University: Göttingen
Date of Approval (YYYY-MM-DD): 2007-05
Document Type: PhD-Thesis
ID: 321493.0

Macromolecular-scale resolution in biological fluorescence microscopy
Authors: Donnert, G.; Keller, J.; Medda, R.; Andrei, M. A.; Rizzoli, S. O.; Luehrmann, R.; Jahn, R.; Eggeling, C.; Hell, S. W.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006-08-01
Title of Journal: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Volume: 103
Issue / Number: 31
Start Page: 11440
End Page: 11445
Document Type: Article
ID: 288449.0

A role for eIF4E and eIF4E-transporter in targeting mRNPs to mammalian processing bodies
Authors: Andrei, M. A.; Ingelfinger, D.; Heintzmann, R.; Achsel, T.; Rivera-Pomar, R.; Luehrmann, R.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2005-04-21
Title of Journal: RNA
Volume: 11
Issue / Number: 5
Start Page: 717
End Page: 727
Sequence Number of Article: unknown
Document Type: Article
ID: 217526.0