Velthuis, J., R. Kohrs, M. Mathes, A. Raspereza, L. Reuen, L. Andriecek, M. Koch, Z. Dolezal, P. Fischer, A. Frey, F. Giesen, P. Kodys, C. Kreidl, H. Kr├╝ger, P. Lodomez, G. Lutz, H.-G. Moser, R.-H. Richter, C. Sandow, D. Scheirich, E. Torne, M. Trimpl, Q. Wei and N. Wermes: DEPFET, a monolithic active pixel sensor for the ILC. In: Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, 2, 685-689 (2007).
localid: MPP-2007-232
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