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Monthly intravenous methylprednisolone in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis - reduction of enhancing lesions, T2 lesion volume and plasma prolactin concentrations
Authors: Then Bergh, Florian; Kümpfel, Tania; Schumann, Erina; Held, Ulrike; Schwan, Michaela; Blazevic, Mirjana; Wismüller, Axel; Holsboer, Florian; Yassouridis, Alexander; Uhr, Manfred; Weber, Frank; Daumer, Martin; Trenkwalder, Claudia; Auer, Dorothee P.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2006-05-22
Title of Journal: BMC Neurology
Volume: 6
Issue / Number: 19
Sequence Number of Article: doi:10.1186/1471-2377-6-19
Document Type: Article
ID: 297150.0

Rapid eye movement-related brain activation in human sleep: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study
Authors: Wehrle, Renate; Czisch, Michael; Kaufmann, Christian; Wetter, Thomas C.; Holsboer, Florian; Auer, Dorothee P.; Pollmächer, Thomas
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2005-05-31
Title of Journal: NeuroReport
Volume: 16
Issue / Number: 8
Start Page: 853
End Page: 857
Document Type: Article
ID: 233962.0

Functional MRI during sleep : BOLD signal decreases and their electrophysiological correlates
Authors: Czisch, Michael; Wehrle, Renate; Kaufmann, Christian; Wetter, Thomas C.; Holsboer, Florian; Pollmächer, Thomas; Auer, Dorothee P.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2004
Title of Journal: European Journal of Neuroscience
Volume: 20
Start Page: 566
End Page: 574
Document Type: Article
ID: 204183.0

TRAX. A program package for in vivo visualization of human brain fibers
Authors: Pütz, Benno; Ates, Kemal; Auer, Dorothee P.
Title of Book: Forschung und wissenschaftliches Rechnen 2002. Beiträge zum Heiz-Billing-Preis 2002.
Start Page: 75
End Page: 85
Place of Publication: Göttingen
Publisher: Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2003
Document Type: InBook
ID: 113071.0