Brando, M., W. J. Duncan, D. Moroni-Klementowicz, C. Albrecht, D. Grüner, R. Ballou and F. M. Grosche: Logarithmic Fermi-Liquid Breakdown in NbFe2. In: Physical Review Letters 101, 026401-1-026401-4, Seq. No.: 026401 (2008).
Brando, M., D. Moroni-Klementowicz, C. Albrecht, W. Duncan, D. Grüner, R. Ballou, B. Fåk and F. M. Grosche: Logarithmic Fermi-liquid breakdown in Nb1.02Fe1.98. In: Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 310, 852-854 (2007).
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