Classen, I., J. Boom, A. Bogomolov, E. Wolfrum, M. Maraschek, W. Suttrop, P. de Vries, T. Donne, B. Tobias, C. Domier, N. Luhmann and H. Park: Characterization of Temperature Fluctuations during Type-I and Type-II Edge Localized Modes at ASDEX Upgrade. (24th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, 2012-10-08 to 2012-10-13, San Diego, CA).
Bogomolov, A., J. E. Boom, I. G. J. Classen, W. Suttrop, P. C. De Vries, A. J. H. Donne, B. J. Tobias, C. W. Domiert, N. C. Luhmann, H. K. Park and ASDEX Upgrade Team: ECE-Imaging on ASDEX Upgrade. (17th Joint Workshop on Electron Cyclotron Emission and Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating (EC-17), 2012-05-07 to 2012-05-10, Deurne).
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