Savin, S., E. Amata, M. André, M. Dunlop, Y. Khotyaintsev, P. M. E. Décréau, J. L. Rauch, J. G. Trotignon, J. Büchner, B. Nikutowski, J. Blecki, A. Skalsky, S. Romanov, L. Zelenyi, A. M. Buckley, T. D. Carozzi, M. P. Gough, P. Song, H. Rème, A. Volosevich, H. Alleyne and E. Panov: Experimental study of nonlinear interaction of plasma flow with charged thin current sheets: 2. Hall dynamics, mass and momentum transfer. In: Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 13, 377-392 (2006).
localid: Savin:2006-084
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