Kreckel, H., A. Petrignani, M. Berg, D. Bing, S. Reinhardt, S. Altevogt, H. Buhr, M. Froese, J. Hoffmann, B. Jordon-Thaden, C. Krantz, M. Lestinsky, M. Mendes, O. Novotny, S. Novotny, H. B. Pedersen, D. Orlov, J. Mikosch, R. Wester, R. Plasil, J. Glosik, D. Schwalm, D. Zajfman and A. Wolf: Electron collisions and rovibrational action spectroscopy of cold H3+ molecules. In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series 88, 1, Seq. No.: 012064 (2007) 1-8.
doi: 10.1088/1742-6596/88/1/012064
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