Cavedon, M., T. PĆ¼tterich, E. Viezzer and ASDEX Upgrade Team: Radial Electric Field measurements during L to H transitions. (HEPP Colloquium 2013, 2013-09-16 to 2013-09-19, Strausberg).
Fuchs, J. C., E. Strumberger, W. Suttrop, L. Barrera Orte, M. Cavedon, G. Birkenmeier, R. Fischer, L. Giannone, L. Guimarais, P. J. McCarthy, V. Nikolaeva, E. Wolfrum, J. Vicente, E. Viezzer and ASDEX Upgrade Team: Separatrix displacement in the presence of 3D external magnetic perturbations on ASDEX Upgrade. In: 40th EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, (Eds.) Naulin, V.; Angioni, C.; Borghesi, M. et al. ECA 37D. European Physical Society, Geneva, Seq. No.: P4.126 (2013).
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