Hofmann, W. P., T. L. Chung, C. Osbahr, S. Susser, U. Karey, U. Mihm, C. Welsch, J. Lötsch, C. Sarrazin, S. Zeuzem and E. Herrmann: Impact of ribavirin on HCV replicon {RNA} decline during treatment with interferon-α and the protease inhibitors boceprevir or telaprevir. In: Antiviral Therapy 16, 5, 695-704 (2011).
doi: 0.3851/IMP1821
url: http://dx.doi.org/0.3851/IMP1821
localid: C125673F004B2D7B-F541A179EFE9A25CC12579CA003B588D-Welsch2011
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