Strachan, J. D., J. Likonen, P. Coad, M. Rubel, A. Widdowson, M. Airila, P. Andrew, S. Brezinsek, H. Corrigan, H. G. Esser, S. Jachmich, A. Kallenbach, A. Kirschner, A. Kreter, G. F. Matthews, V. Philipps, R. A. Pitts, J. Spence, M. Stamp, S. Wiesen and JET-EFDA Contributors: Modelling of carbon migration during JET 13C injection experiments. In: Nuclear Fusion 48, Seq. No.: 105002 (16pp) (2008).
doi: 10.1088/0029-5515/48/10/105002
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