Araujo, W. L., A. Nunes-Nesi, S. Osorio, B. Usadel, D. Fuentes, R. Nagy, I. Balbo, M. Lehmann, C. Studart-Witkowski, T. Tohge, E. Martinoia, X. Jordana, F. M. DaMatta and A. R. Fernie: Antisense Inhibition of the Iron-Sulphur Subunit of Succinate Dehydrogenase Enhances Photosynthesis and Growth in Tomato via an Organic Acid-Mediated Effect on Stomatal Aperture. In: Plant Cell 23, 2, 600-627 (2011).
url: <Go to ISI>://000288801000014 %> internal-pdf://Araujo-2011-Antisense Inhibition-4050963456/Araujo-2011-Antisense Inhibition.pdf
DaMatta, F. M., R. L. Cunha, W. C. Antunes, S. C. V. Martins, W. L. Araujo, A. R. Fernie and G. A. B. K. Moraes: In field-grown coffee trees source-sink manipulation alters photosynthetic rates, independently of carbon metabolism, via alterations in stomatal function. In: New Phytologist 178, 2, 348-357 (2008).
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