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Aerosol indirect effects - general circulation model intercomparison and evaluation with satellite data
Authors: Quaas, J.; Ming, Y.; Menon, S.; Takemura, T.; Wang, M.; Penner, J.; Gettelman, A.; Lohmann, U.; Bellouin, N.; Boucher, O.; Sayer, A. M.; Thomas, G. E.; McComiskey, A.; Feingold, G.; Hoose, C.; Kristjansson, J. E.; Liu, X.; Balkanski, Y.; Donner, L.; Ginoux, P. A.; Stier, P.; Feichter, J.; Sednev, I.; Bauer, S. E.; Koch, D.; Grainger, R. G.; Kirkevåg, A.; Iversen, T.; Seland, Ø.; Easter, R.; Ghan, S. J.; Rasch, P. J.; Morrison, H.; Lamarque, J.-F.; Iacono, M. J.; Kinne, S.; Schulz, M.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-11
Title of Journal: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Volume: 9
Start Page: 8697
End Page: 8717
Document Type: Article
ID: 433361.0

Current understanding and quantification of clouds in
the changing climate system and strategies for reducing critical uncertainties
Authors: Quaas, J.; Bony, S.; Collins, W. D.; Donner, L.; Illingworth, A.; Jones, A.; Lohmann, U.; Satoh, M.; Schwartz, S. E.; Tao, W.-K.; Wood, R.
Title of Book: Clouds in the perturbed climate system
Start Page: 557
End Page: 573
Place of Publication: Cambridge
Publisher: MIT Press
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2009-03
Document Type: InBook
ID: 398532.0