Heusler, A., G. Graw, R. Hertenberger, F. Riess, H. F. Wirth, T. Faestermann, R. Krucken, T. Behrens, V. Bildstein, K. Eppinger, C. Herlitzius, O. Lepyoshkina, M. Mahgoub, A. Parikh, S. Schwertel, K. Wimmer, N. Pietralla, V. Werner, J. Jolie, D. Mucher, C. Scholl and P. von Brentano: Positive parity states in Pb-208 excited by the proton decay of the isobaric analog intruder resonance j(15/2) in Bi-209. In: Physics Letters C 82, 1, Seq. No.: 014316 (2010).
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