Russell, C. T., F. Capaccioni, A. Coradini, M. C. De Sanctis, W. C. Feldmann, R. Jaumann, H. U. Keller, T. B. McCord, L. A. McFadden, S. Mottola, C. M. Pieters, T. H. Prettyman, C. A. Raymond, M. V. Sykes, D. E. Smtih and M. T. Zuber: Dawn Mission to Vesta and Ceres - Symbiosis between Terrestrial Observations and Robotic Exploration. In: Earth, Moon and Planets 101, 65-91 (2007).
doi: 10.1007/s11038-007-9151-9
localid: Russell:2007-177
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