Verheggen, B., J. Cozic, E. Weingartner, S. Sjögren, S. van Ekeren, N. Bukowiecki, R. Schmidhauser, U. Baltensperger, S. Mertes, K. N. Bower, M. J. Flynn, J. D. Allan, M. W. Gallagher, J. Crosier, H. Coe, T. W. Choularton, J. Schneider, S. Walter, S. Henning, T. Rosenørn, M. Bilde, A. Petzold, E. Barthazy, M. Inerle-Hof, M. Ebert and S. Weinbruch: CLACE-3: Third cloud and aerosol characterization experiment conducted at a high alpine site in the free troposphere. In: Journal of Aerosol Science 35, Suppl. 1 (2004) S171-S172.
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