Schulz, W.A., A. Alexa, V. Jung, C. Hader, M.J. Hoffmann, M. Yamanaka, S. Fritzsche, A. Wlazlinski, M. M├╝ller, T. Lengauer, R. Engers, A.R. Florl, B. Wullich and J. Rahnenf├╝hrer: Factor interaction analysis for chromosome 8 and DNA methylation alterations highlights innate immune response suppression and cytoskeletal changes in prostate cancer. In: Molecular Cancer 6, 14.1-14.16 (2007).
doi: 10.1186/1476-4598-6-14
localid: C12573CC004A8E26-166A4F8357E560AEC125728300314719-Rahnenfuehrer2007c
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