Mané, E., J. Billowes, K. Blaum, P. Campbell, B. Cheal, P. Delahaye, K. T. Flanagan, D. H. Forest, H. Franberg, C. Geppert, T. Giles, A. Jokinen, M. Kowalska, R. Neugart, G. Neyens, W. Nörtershäuser, I. Podadera, G. Tungate, P. Vingerhoets and D. T. Yordanov: An ion cooler-buncher for high-sensitivity collinear laser spectroscopy at ISOLDE. In: European Physical Journal A 42, 3, 503-507 (2009).
doi: 10.1140/epja/i2009-10828-0
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