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The extent of quantum critical fluctuations into the heavy-fermion phase: A neutron scattering study of Ce(Ru1-xFex)2Ge2
Authors: Montfrooij, W.; Aronson, M. C.; Rainford, B. D.; Mydosh, J. A.; Hendrikx, R.; Gortenmuller, T.; Murani, A. P.; Haen, P.; Swainson, I.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2005
Title of Journal: Journal of Applied Physics
Volume: 97
Start Page: 10A909-1
End Page: 10A909-3
Sequence Number of Article: 10A909
Document Type: Article
ID: 241944.0

Magnetotransport in single-crystal half-Heusler compounds
Authors: Ahilan, K.; Bennett, M. C.; Aronson, M. C.; Anderson, N. E.; Canfield, P. C.; Munoz-Sandoval, E.; Gortenmulder, T.; Hendrikx, R.; Mydosh, J. A.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2004-06
Title of Journal: Physical Review B
Volume: 69
Issue / Number: 24
Start Page: 245116-1
End Page: 245116-8
Document Type: Article
ID: 219489.0

Structure and magnetic order of the Heusler compound Co2NbSn
Authors: Wolter, A. U. B.; Bosse, A.; Baabe, D.; Maksimov, I.; Mienert, D.; Klauss, H. H.; Litterst, F. J.; Niemeier, D.; Michalak, R.; Geibel, C.; Feyerherm, R.; Hendrikx, R.; Mydosh, J. A.; Süllow, S.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2002-11-01
Title of Journal: Physical Review B
Volume: 66
Issue / Number: 17
Start Page: 174428
End Page: 174428
Sequence Number of Article: 174428
Document Type: Article
ID: 18608.0