Jährling, S., K. Thelen, T. Wolfram and G. E. Pollerberg: Nanopatterns biofunctionalized with cell adhesion molecule DM-GRASP offered as cell substrate: Spacing determines attachment and differentiation of neurons. In: Nano Letters 9, 12, 4115-4121 (2009).
doi: 10.1021/nl9023325
Thelen, K., T. Wolfram, B. Maier, S. Jährling, A. Tinazli, J. Piehler, J. P. Spatz and G. E. Pollerberg: Cell adhesion molecule DM-GRASP presented in different nanopatterns to neurons regulates attachment and neurite growth. In: Soft Matter 3, 12, 1486-1491 (2007).
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