Rivarola-Duarte, L., C. Otto, F. Jühling, S. Schreiber, D. Bedulina, L. Jakob, A. Gurkov, D. Axenov-Gribanov, A. H. Sahyoun, M. Lucassen, J. Hackermüller, S. Hoffmann, F. Sartoris, H.-O. Pörtner, M. Timofeyev, T. Luckenbach and P. F. Stadler: A first Glimpse at the genome of the Baikalian amphipod Eulimnogammarus verrucosus. In: Journal of Experimental Zoology / B 322, 3, 177-189 (2014).
doi: 10.1002/jez.b.22560
localid: training66637
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