McGuire, A. D., C. Wirth, M. J. Apps, J. Beringer, J. S. Clein, H. Epstein, D. W. Kicklighter, J. Bhatti, F. S. Chapin III, B. de Groot, D. Efremov, W. Eugster, M. Fukuda, T. Gower, L. Hinzman, B. Huntley, G. J. Jia, E. Kasischke, J. M. Melillo, V. Romanovsky, A. Shvidenko, E. A. Vaganov and D. A. Walker: Environmental variation, vegetation distribution, carbon dynamics and water/energy exchange at high latitudes. In: Journal of Vegetation Science 13, 301-314 (2002).
localid: BGC0507
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