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Vesicle priming and recruitment by ubMunc13-2 are differentially regulated by calcium and calmodulin
Authors: Zikich, Dragloslav; Mezer, Aviv; Varoqueaux, Frederique; Sheinin, Anton; Junge, Harald J.; Nachliel, Esther; Melamed, Rely; Brose, Nils; Gutman, Menachem; Ashery, Uri
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2008-02-20
Title of Journal: Journal of Neuroscience
Volume: 28
Issue / Number: 8
Start Page: 1949
End Page: 1960
Document Type: Article
ID: 403636.0

Identification of the minimal protein domain required for priming activity of Munc13-1
Authors: Stevens, David R.; Wu, Zheng-Xing; Matti, Ulf; Junge, Harald J.; Schirra, Claudia; Becherer, Ute; Wojcik, Sonja M.; Brose, Nils; Rettig, Jens
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2005-12
Title of Journal: Current Biology
Volume: 15
Issue / Number: 24
Start Page: 2243
End Page: 2248
Document Type: Article
ID: 292217.0

Calmodulin and Munc13 form a Ca2+ sensor/effector complex that controls short-term synaptic plasticity
Authors: Junge, Harald J.; Rhee, Jeong Seop; Jahn, Olaf; Varoqueaux, Frédérique; Spiess, Joachim; Waxham, M. Neal; Rosenmund, Christian; Brose, Nils
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2004-08-06
Title of Journal: Cell
Volume: 118
Issue / Number: 3
Start Page: 389
End Page: 401
Document Type: Article
ID: 213736.0