Shibata, T. K., F. Matsumura, P. Wang, S. Y. Yu, C. C. Chou, K. H. Khoo, K. Kitayama, T. O. Akama, K. Sugihara, N. Kanayama, K. Kojima-Aikawa, P. H. Seeberger, M. Fukuda, A. Suzuki, D. Aoki and M. N. Fukuda: Identification of Mono- and Disulfated N-Acetyl-lactosaminyl Oligosaccharide Structures as Epitopes Specifically Recognized by Humanized Monoclonal Antibody HMOCC-1 Raised against Ovarian Cancer. In: Journal of Biological Chemistry 287, 9, 6592-6602 (2012).
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