Popovichev, S., L. Bertalot, M. Adams, A. Alekseyev, M. Angelone, C. D. Challis, S. Conroy, N. Hawkes, J. Hobirk, V. Kiptily, A. Kaschuk, A. Krasilnikov, P. U. Lamalle, A. Murari, M. Pillon, K. Stammers, D. Stork and JET-EFDA Contributors: Performance of neutron measurements during trace tritium experiments on JET. In: 31st EPS Conference on Plasma Physics, (Eds.) Norreys, P.; Hutchinson, H. ECA 28G. European Physical Society, Geneva, Seq. No.: P-5.173 (2004).
url: http://www.ipp.mpg.de/ipp/proceedings/eps/2004/pdf/P5_173.pdf
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