Eisensehr, I., R. Linke, K. Tatsch, B. Kharraz, J. F. Gildehaus, C. T. Wetter, C. Trenkwalder, J. Schwarz and S. Noachtar: Increased muscle activity during rapid eye movement sleep correlates with decrease of striatal presynaptic dopamine transporters. IPT and IBZM SPECT imaging in subclinical and clinically disorder, Parkinson's disease, and manifest idiopathic REM sleep behavior controls. In: Sleep 26, 5, 507-512 (2003).
Eisensehr, I., R. Linke, K. Tatsch, H. von Lindeiner, B. Kharraz, F. J. Gildehaus, R. Eberle, T. Pollm├Ącher, A. Schuld and S. Noachtar: Alteration of the striatal dopaminergic system in human narcolepsy. In: Neurology 60, 11, 1817-1819 (2003).
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