Kloster, S.: DMS cycle in the ocean-atmosphere system and its response to anthropogenic perturbations. Doktorarbeit, University of Hamburg, Hamburg (2006).
localid: MPI-M-2006-0011
Stier, P., J. Feichter, S. Kinne, S. Kloster, E. Vignati, J. Wilson, L. Ganzeveld, I. Tegen, M. Werner, Y. Balkanski, M. Schulz, O. Boucher, A. Minikin and A. Petzold: The aerosol-climate model ECHAM5-HAM. In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 5, 1125-1156 (2005).
url: http://www.copernicus.org/EGU/acp/acp/5/1125/acp-5-1125.htm
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