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Calcite Reinforced Silica–Silica Joints in the Biocomposite Skeleton of Deep-Sea Glass Sponges
Authors: Ehrlich, H.; Brunner, E.; Simon, P.; Bazhenov, V. V.; Botting, J. P.; Tabachnick, K. R.; Springer, A.; Kummer, K.; Vyalikh, D. V.; Molodtsov, S. L.; Kurek, D.; Kammer, M.; Born, R.; Kovalev, A.; Gorb, S. N.; Koutsoukos, P. G.; Summers, A.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2011-07-29
Title of Journal: Advanced Functional Materials
Volume: 21
Issue / Number: 18
Start Page: 3473
End Page: 3481
Document Type: Article
ID: 571976.0

Corrosion resistance of the vacuum arc deposited Ti, TiN and TiO2 coatings on large area glass substrates
Authors: Vershinin, N.; Filonov, K.; Straumal, B.; Gust, W.; Dimitriou, R.; Kovalev, A.; Camacho, J.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2000
Title of Journal: Surface and Coatings Technology
Volume: 125
Start Page: 223
End Page: 228
Document Type: Article
ID: 318925.0