Konareva, N. V., A. G. Gabdulkhakov, S. Eschenburg, S. Stoeva, A. N. Popov, R. Krauspenhaar, M. E. Andrianova, Y. Savochkina, I. I. Agapov, A. G. Tonevitskiframe, A. N. Kornev, V. V. Kornilov, V. N. Zaitsev, W. Voelter, C. Betzel, S. V. Nikonow, B. K. Vainshtein and A. S. Mikhailov: Topology of the Polypeptide Chain in the Complex of Agglutinin from Castor Bean Seeds with -D-Galactose in the Crystalline State . In: Crystallography Reports 46, 5, 792-800 (2001).
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