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Probing Förster type energy pathways in a first generation rigid dendrimer bearing two perylene imide chromophores
Authors: Vosch, T.; Cotlet, M.; Hofkens, J.; Van Der Biest, K.; Lor, M.; Weston, K.; Tinnefeld, P.; Sauer, M.; Latterini, L.; Müllen, Klaus; De Schryver, F. C.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2003-09-11
Title of Journal: Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Volume: 107
Issue / Number: 36
Start Page: 6920
End Page: 6931
Document Type: Article
ID: 56400.0

Photophysical Study of a Multi-Cromophoric Dendrimer by Time-resoved Fluorescence and Femtosecond Transient Absorption Spectroscopy
Authors: Hofkens, J.; Latterini, L.; de Belder, G.; Gensch, T.; Maus, M.; Vosch, T.; Karni, Y.; Schweitzer, G.; de Schryver, F. C.; Hermann, Andreas; Müllen, Klaus
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 1999
Title of Journal: Chemical Physics Letters
Volume: 304
Start Page: 1
End Page: 9
Document Type: Article
ID: 321163.0