Hornbeck, J. B., J. R. Swearingen, C. A. Grady, G. M. Williger, A. Brown, M. L. Sitko, J. P. Wisniewski, M. D. Perrin, J. T. Lauroesch, G. Schneider, D. Apai, S. Brittain, J. M. Brown, E. H. Champney, K. Hamaguchi, T. Henning, D. K. Lynch, R. Petre, R. W. Russell, F. M. Walter and B. Woodgate: Panchromatic imaging of a transitional disk: The disk of GM Aur in optical and FUV scattered light. In: The Astrophysical Journal 829, 2, (2016).
url: http://cdsads.u-strasbg.fr/abs/2016ApJ...829...65H
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