Thomas, A., S. Borrmann, V. Yushkov, V. Rudakov, B. Lepouchov, V. Galaktionov, S. Merkulov, J. E. Dye, N. Vinnichenko, V. Khattatov, L. Stefanutti, A. Adriani, Th. Peter and R. MacKenzie: In-situ stratospheric aerosol measurements on the M-55 Geophysika high altitude research aircraft inside and outside the 1996/97 polar vortex. In: Proceedings of the 4th European Symposium on Polar stratosperic ozone 1997, Schliersee/Germany 1997, Air Pollution Research Report 66. (Eds.) Harris, N. R. P.; Kilbane-Dawe, I.; Amanatidis, G. T. European Commission, Luxembourg (1998) 167-170.
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