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The High-Temperature Polymorphs of K3AlF6
Authors: King, G.; Abakumov, A. M.; Woodward, P. M.; Llobet, A.; Tsirlin, A. A.; Batuk, D.; Antipov, E. V.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2011-07-11
Title of Journal: Inorganic Chemistry
Volume: 50
Issue / Number: 16
Start Page: 7792
End Page: 7801
Document Type: Article
ID: 572020.0

Magnetic structure of CeRhIn5 as a function of pressure and temperature
Authors: Llobet, A.; Gardner, J. S.; Moshopoulou, E. G.; Mignot, J.-M.; Nicklas, M.; Bao, W.; Moreno, N. O.; Pagliuso, P. G.; Goncharenko, I. N.; Sarrao, J. L.; Thompson, J. D.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2004
Title of Journal: Physical Review B
Volume: 69
Start Page: 024403-1
End Page: 024403-6
Sequence Number of Article: 024403
Document Type: Article
ID: 250449.0

Magnetism and unconventional superconductivity in CenMmIn3n+2m heavy-fermion crystals
Authors: Thompson, J. D.; Nicklas, M.; Bianchi, A.; Movshovich, R.; Llobet, A.; Bao, W.; Malinowski, A.; Hundley, M. F.; Moreno, N. O.; Pagliuso, P. G.; Sarrao, J. L.; Nakatsuji, S.; Fisk, Z.; Borth, R.; Lengyel, E.; Oeschler, N.; Sparn, G.; Steglich, F.
Date of Publication (YYYY-MM-DD): 2003-05
Title of Journal: Physica B-Condensed Matter
Volume: 329
Start Page: 446
End Page: 449
Document Type: Article
ID: 126319.0