Reinisch, A., N. Etchart, D. Thomas, N. A. Hofmann, M. Fr├╝hwirth, S. Sinha, C. K. Chan, K. Senarath-Yapa, E.-Y. Seo, T. Wearda, U. F. Hartwig, C. Beham-Schmid, S. Trajanoski, Q. Lin, W. Wagner, C. Dullin, F. Alves, M. Andreeff, I. L. Weissman, M. T. Longaker, K. Schallmoser, R. Majeti and D. Strunk: Epigenetic and in vivo comparison of diverse MSC sources reveals an endochondral signature for human hematopoietic niche formation. In: Blood 125, 2, 249-260 (2015).
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