Casson, F. J., C. Angioni, Y. Camenen, D. Dickinson, P. Manas, A. G. Peeters and C. M. Roach: Impact of strong rotation on gyrokinetic turbulence in tokamaks. (6th IAEA Technical Meeting on Theory of Plasma Instabilities, 2013-05-27 to 2013-05-29, Vienna).
Casson, F. J., R. M. McDermott, C. Angioni, Y. Camenen, R. Dux, E. Fable, R. Fischer, B. Geiger, P. Manas, L. Menchero, G. Tardini and ASDEX Upgrade Team: Validation of gyrokinetic modelling of impurity transport including rotation in ASDEX Upgrade. In: Nuclear Fusion 53, Seq. No.: 063026 (15pp) (2013).
doi: 10.1088/0029-5515/53/6/063026
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