Puiatti, M. E., M. Valisa, C. Angioni, L. Carraro, I. Coffey, L. Garzotti, M. Mantica, M. Mattioli, C. Sozzi and Contributors to the EFDA-JET Workprogramme: Analysis of metallic impurity density profiles in low collisionality JET H-mode plasmas. In: 32nd European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion combined with the 8th International Workshop on Fast Ignition of Fusion Targets, (Eds.) Hidalgo, C.; van Milligen, B.Ph. ECA 29C. European Physical Society, Geneva, Seq. No.: O-2.007 (2005).
url: http://eps2005.ciemat.es/papers.shtml
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