Barrie, L. A., Y. Yi, W. R. Leaitch, U. Lohmann, P. Kasibhatla, G.-J. Roelofs, J. Wilson, F. McGovern, C. Benkovitz, M. A. Meliere, K. Law, J. Prospero, M. Kritz, D. Bergmann, C. Bridgeman, M. Chin, J. Christensen, R. Easter, J. Feichter, C. Land, A. Jeuken, E. Kjellstrom, D. Koch and P. Rasch: A comparison of large scale atmospheric sulphate aerosol models (COSAM): overview and highlights.. In: Tellus - B 53, 615-645 (2001).
localid: 40989
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