Yang, Z, Y Chen, C Lillo, J Chien, Z Yu, M Michaelides, M Klein, K A Howes, Y Li, Y Kaminoh, H Chen, C Zhao, Y Chen, Y T Al-Sheikh, G Karan, D Corbeil, P Escher, S Kamaya, C Li, S Johnson, J M Frederick, Y Zhao, C Wang, D J Cameron, W B Huttner, D F Schorderet, F L Munier, A T Moore, D G Birch, W Baehr, D M Hunt, D S Williams and K Zhang: Mutant prominin 1 found in patients with macular degeneration disrupts photoreceptor disk morphogenesis in mice. In: Journal of Clinical Investigation 118, 8, 2908-2916 (2008).
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