Reichstein, M., A. Rey, A. Freibauer, J. Tenhunen, R. Valentini, J. Banza, P. Casals, Y. F. Cheng, J. M. Grunzweig, J. Irvine, R. Joffre, B. E. Law, D. Loustau, F. Miglietta, W. Oechel, J. M. Ourcival, J. S. Pereira, A. Peressotti, F. Ponti, Y. Qi, S. Rambal, M. Rayment, J. Romanya, F. Rossi, V. Tedeschi, G. Tirone, M. Xu and D. Yakir: Modeling temporal and large-scale spatial variability of soil respiration from soil water availability, temperature and vegetation productivity indices. In: Global Biogeochemical Cycles 17, Seq. No.: 1104 (2003).
localid: BGC0626
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